Welcome to our Website. is a download website for all existing (and still working as of April 2013) bots for the Runescape MMORPG.

All the bots on our site use the Simba software. You can browse our list of available scripts using the menu on the right.

At the moment, we have 41 Scripts available for free download.

All of our scripts are reviewed and tested to be:

  • Working as of 2013
  • FREE!
  • Working while minimized
  • Easy to set-up
  • Proven to work at least 6 hours without assistance.
  • Undetectable
Download Software and Scripts
runescape bot software  

We offer the Simba software on our download page completely free of charge. This software is used as a script-loading platform for various runescape bots and scripts.



runescape bots

If you already have Simba , you can visit our Free Scripts page to start downloading color-based runescape bots. Please read the description and set-up information of a script before running it in the simba program.